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The original artwork store STUCK UP ART is exclusively representing UK Artist Cosima Bellamacina. 

We are the official UK distributer and here you will find her latest artworks.

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Cosima Bellamacina is a London-based Artist and singer-songwriter.  


Bellamacina studied History of Art at The University of London, at University Bellamacina studied European art, Icons and Modern art. This influenced the depths of her works and inspirations from artists that came before.


Bellamacina started her exhibition career last year as duo alongside Artist Monique Lucas in 'Our Mystic Paper Youth, In Dreams' which featured her thirty-five works of paintings and drawings. 


Bellamacina's work series 'Love, Time And Death' was featured in The Art of Caring Exhibition in 2019 in collaboration with the NHS and The Arts Project at St Pancras Hospital, London on the subject of mental health.

Bellamacina's new art and poetry book 'We Sell Our Beauty Too Cheap' challenges the expepriences the Artist endured as a fashion model through her writing and one-line drawings. 


Bellamacina's work reflects a range of current social issues and peoples personal struggles.

Cosima Bellamacina's music can be found at

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Cosima Bellamacina in her art studio in London 2020.