'Ladies In Pink'

 50x40cm // Mix Media on Canvas


'This is a crazy world, no matter the method or  technique, we somehow end up in pink haze'


40x61cm // Acrylic Painting on Board

'In the chaos of everyday, it's vital to tell the truth and to be yourself'

'Berlin Fortune'

 40x50cm // Analogue Photograph on Acrylic  Paint on foam Board

'This piece is about a time of growing mystery and wonder, everything was new and there was so many questions'

 'Angel Screams'

29.7x42cm // Acrylic Paint on Art Paper

'Angel Screams back and fourth, let me hear you scream once more'

 'Jesus Fancies You'

29.7x42cm // Acrylic and Water-Colour on Art Paper


'I can see the stars align.'

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